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Job description


Job Description

We innovate, integrate, and manufacture autonomous robots, cutting-edge non-destructive evaluation technologies, and software systems that assess and maintain critical infrastructure, to include bridges, roadways, and structures. Having recently been awarded funding, we are hiring engineers to be part of our first commercial launch, bringing research prototypes into industrialized products. As the Embedded Systems Engineer, you will be a key member in a young, professional, and ambitious team.


Duties and Responsibilities

* Responsible for design, development, implementation, and testing of the main central software and interfaces.

* Responsible for integrating multiple non-destructive sensor technologies and applications into the robot's central software.

* Responsible for design and development of the robot control and command system.

* Work with electrical and mechanical engineers to integrate cohesive, functional systems.

* Maintain high ethical standards and attention to detail for all engineering activities.


Skill Set and Experience

* Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a related technical field.

* 2+ years of Software Engineering experience.

* Proficient in at least one general purpose programming language, preferably C++ and Python.

* Strong grasp over Data Structures, Algorithms, and Object Oriented Programming.

* Experience with revision control systems such as Git, SVN, etc.

* Familiarity with networking and cross-application messaging and interfacing protocols, like AMQP.

* Experience with distributed and multi-threaded application development.

* Ability to write clean, well documented, maintainable code.


Preferred Skills and Experience

* Prior work and/or academic experience with robotics development.

* Prior work and/or academic experience with non-destructive evaluation technologies.

* Interfacing software with robotic hardware, using USB, Serial, and Ethernet interface programming and a good understanding of TCP/IP.

* Knowledge of plotting and charting libraries is preferred.

* Familiarity with back-end MVC frameworks and event-driven architectures.

* Experience with Data Analytics or a related field is preferred.

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Recommended Qualifications:

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a related technical field.